At an arm’s length….or belly’s length?

We are always advised to keep “an arm’s length” from another person, be it on a personal note, professional note, or even in mannerisms.

Having a person stand extremely close, even if unintentional, does give rise to some kind of uneasiness. Now, imagine standing in a line and having a belly keep nudging you. At that time, all you would want to do is to turn around and give that person a piece of your mind. However, when you turn around, you are taken by surprise! The person is not even aware of how uncomfortable you are and is happily munching, talking, or texting while waiting in queue.

Being overweight or obese can come with its own social and psychological implications. An overweight or obese child or teen is usually afflicted with low self-esteem, weight stigma and becomes a soft target for bullies. It is very important for the guardian/caretaker/parent of an obese child or teen to monitor the social, emotional, and psychological behavior of the child. Timely intervention with a qualified physician can help in treating excess fat while maintaining the overall well-being of the child or teen.

An increasing girth in an adult is an indication that it is time to act. An expanding waistline is not only physically difficult to deal with but is also an indicator of accumulation of fat that can lead to metabolic disorders such as obesity and insulin resistance, autoimmune diseases and cardiovascular disorders. There are many safe weight loss medicines available in the market to help in natural weight loss. Use of slimming treatment tablets or capsules along with regular exercise, good diet and a healthy lifestyle can help in achieving sustainable weight loss. However, all treatments should be under the supervision of a physician. The physician will select a treatment based on an individual’s body characteristics.

So let us all make a concerted effort to keep ourselves breezy and light…..physically and socially!

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