Become Slim as you Trim!

“Hey, back from a haircut? said Murthy.

“Yeah, and also a full body massage. The regular salon that I go to suggested a powder massage with one of their slimming powders. Everyone knows I have been trying hard to shed those extra kilos. Anyway, there is nothing to lose. So, I am giving it a shot.” replied Ashuthosh.

“Uh, well, did you consult an Ayurvedic physician before doing so? asked Murthy.

“No, why? How does it matter? It is just some powder to rub on! And most of the salons and barber shops use it!” said Ashuthosh nonchalantly.

We all know the importance of maintaining a well-groomed exterior. With salons and specialized spas springing up in every other lane, it is not hard to achieve this. However, there also seems to be a surge in many of them offering “powder massage” at affordable costs, purported to be effective in natural weight loss in an individual. As captured in the hypothetical conversation above, not many are aware that “powder massage” is an established slimming treatment in the Ayurvedic system of medicine for toning and strengthening the body, leading to reduction of excess fat. In Ayurveda, powder massage is called Udvartana.

According to the ancient Indian physician Sushruta, Udvartana involves a methodical application of the prescribed amount of herbal powder alone or in combination with medicated oils in specific strokes on different parts of the body. The quality of the powders used in this treatment is very important to get the desired benefits of body toning and burning of fat.

Many of the “slimming powders” purchased in bulk by the salons may be of poor quality and adulterated with other inactive ingredients or even replaced by spurious herbs. If adulterated, the chances of adverse effects such as itching and skin rashes are high. As most salons do not have an Ayurvedic physician, it can even be dangerous to conduct such massages on individuals who are predisposed to allergy. As in the modern system of medicine, Ayurveda too requires each individual to have a detailed examination of his/her body composition before prescribing any internal or external treatment. In rare cases, massages by an uncertified masseuse/masseur can even cause anaphylactic shock requiring hospitalization in hypersensitive individuals.

The supervision of an Ayurvedic physician in the treatment of obesity or excessive fat accumulation is needed to derive the desired benefits. A physician is the best judge to know if an individual is a good candidate for Udvartana. Udvartana is contraindicated in many conditions such as in a frail or weak person, in children, during pregnancy and so on.

Good diet, proper exercise, and sound sleep are also vital for any treatment to show its positive effects. Udvartana also exerts profound benefits such as revitalization of body, improved skin complexion, reduced body soreness and increased mobility of joints and ligaments due to enhanced blood flow.

So, next time you visit the salon, say YES to Trim but SIDELINE the slim! [Symbol]

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